The easy & effective way to purify your building’s air.

How It Works

The Destiny Pure bulbs produce a UV-C light that sterilizes the passing air with a disinfecting light. The UV-C bulbs break down organic matter killing bacteria, mold, and airborne diseases like COVID. Enclosed safely in your air handling system the light turns on as the air passes. Our unique cortisol system is designed to work with all HVAC systems and make it easy to add to any existing system.

Destiny Pure system will filter effectively and will kill any of the harmful particles in the air. With your recycled air now clean, it will lower your need to bring in fresh air. Less need for outside air will reduce your energy cost, the frequency of needing to replace costly filters, and even the need for large ductwork for high-volume fresh air exchange.

The ultraviolet light sterilizes the airflow to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Special reflectors increase the UV intensity and improve the efficiency of disinfection. The disinfected air circulates back to space. The UV light source of the air sterilizer is in a light-enclosed space, therefore, there are no threats to people and pets; just clean, safe air.

Benefits of Our UV-C System

  • Prevent airborne transmission by disinfecting the air.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  • Help with maintenance of the unit including Cooling Coils.
  • Safe and very effective.
  • Simple installation, for new and existing systems.
  • Cost savings via reduced energy use & maintenance.

There is an automatic reminder when the filter and UVC tubes need to be replaced, which is easy to replace.

The air sterilizer is suitable for hospitals, hotels and resorts, schools, offices, stores, supermarkets, and public areas.

The Destiny UV-C Pure Air Control System makes life safer and healthier for customers and employees.

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