Pilot Program: Destiny UV-C Pure Air Control System, the world's first ventilation duct sterilization system using UVC & patented Control PLC Interface.


Facility & Environmental Managers: Greatly improve your building’s sustainability metrics and give occupants cleaner air, all while reducing energy costs.

HVAC & Construction Contractors: Generate new revenue & radically improve your customers’ sustainability metrics.



All ventilation ducts including schools, hospitals, offices, factories, clean rooms, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, or any indoor facility with long consumer dwell times. Read more about installations here.




UV-C Effectiveness

Here are just a few of the many studies of the effective application of UV-C technology:



Destiny UV-C System Component Highlights

  • Sterilization rate is 99.9% with no chemical residue or waste
  • Easy to retrofit & interface with any existing system
  • Low operating cost & maintenance
  • ETL (Electrical Testing Labs) certification
  • Made from Fireproof material, no secondary risk
  • Built-in switch, easy to test & use
  • 1 year warranty
  • ODM & OEM services to meet custom requirements
  • Monitors humidity, temperature, wind speed, UV-C light output, ambient pressure & CO2
  • Provides real-time information for balancing and other system controls




Patented Technology:

Green Earth Systems holds the Patented Control Interface with UV-C Lamp technologies and its use in any Air Stream efficiently and economically. Our founder, Michael Viggiani-Nunes has built his career in the energy sector, holding several patents and building a successful LED lighting company which he sold prior to starting GES.




In order to maintain a high-efficiency level in disinfecting the air, all contributing elements of the unit must be functioning to a minimum respective standard. This is where our proprietary PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) sensors play a major role in validating & monitoring each element’s performance.



We have fantastic controls and automations partners!


Real-Time Reporting

Sync'd with a building management system, the DestinyUVC system validates all the control points and monitors the functionality of the UV-C light as it targets and sterilizes the air stream. In addition, the sequence is written based on safety protocols that maintain the highest level of reporting to the end users. 



Safety & Security

Unlike surface and kiosk-based UV-C sterilization applications, the UV light in DestinyUVC is always enclosed securely inside the duct-work, which prevents harmful exposure. The system has a multitude of sensors and protective safety devices to prevent harmful exposure to occupants, technicians or an unknowing individual who happens to open an access door. Our engineering and installation partners are highly qualified to properly and safely install the system. 


Long-Time Vendor and Partner, Crosby-Brownlie



Our system is very affordable! We are currently offering finance support via grant applications and energy programs. Please contact our team to learn more!





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