What is the official name of the Product?

Destiny UV-C Pure Air System.

What is proprietary to Green Earth Systems?

Green Earth Systems holds the Patented Control Interface with / UV-C Lamp technologies and its use in any Air Stream efficiently and economically.

What sets us apart?

In order to maintain a high-efficiency level in disinfecting the air properly, all the elements that contribute to a high-performance unit as a whole must be functioning to a minimum respective standard. This is where our proprietary PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) incorporating sensors plays a major role in validating and monitoring how those elements are performing Individually.


The UV light is enclosed securely inside the unit, which prevents harmful exposure to people and pets. The system has a multitude of sensors and protective safety devices to prevent harmful exposure to occupants, technicians, or an unknowing individual who happens to open an access door.


How is the unit secured?

The system is easily mounted mechanically inside the ductwork downstream of the unit and enclosed entirely in the ductwork. The unit is set up for quick and efficient plug-and-play components. The PLC and sensors are mounted to the exterior of the ductwork and can be accessed without any encumbered issues.

Simple Installation

What makes it easy to be installed in an existing HVAC by one of our certified and qualified industry experts?

The unit is a series of sub-components that are not very large or bulky, depending on the CFM rate of the unit there is a design criterion and the installation is virtually plug-and-play with programming to the existing building interface. It can also be set up as a stand-alone system operated right at the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) at the side of the HVAC Unit.

Marketing your Clean Air

Your building now has some of the cleanest and safest air possible, let's tell your customers and staff about the benefits of the Destiny system. Our marketing efforts include social media, blogs, and video marketing to spread the word about Destiny Pure Air. To let everyone know that you go the extra mile to keep everyone safe, we offer window clings, decals, and POP materials. Vendors will have access to materials that will assist them in supporting the sale long after the product has been delivered. By promoting how they are committed to their customers' health and well-being, the health center/hospitality operation/business will be able to market their commitment to their customers.

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